About us

Who we are?

Since 1925, we have been working with communication and brand visibility. Thanks to our long experience, we can find creative, intelligent and cost-effective solutions in events, trade fairs and interior design.

As a complete supplier, we are able to take each project from idea to implementation. We are a unique team of experienced and skilled project managers, designers, graphic designers, producers and logistics. We love new challenges and work with a large network of specialized expertise to also be able to take advantage of the opportunities with odd materials.

Quality, design, know-how and our customers security are synonymous with Dohrns.

Welcome to Dohrns!

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You learn as long as you live

...and we have lived for a long time!

Dohrns was established in 1925 by Fritz Dohrn, grandfather of our current CEO Stefan Dohrn. It all started one night when Fritz, who was very competent in drawing and painting, was on his way home and past by one of Stockholm’s first movie theater. He was surprised by the lack of advertisement for this new film that had its premiere the same night. He decided to walk inside and offer his services. The day after, Fritz and the theater owner together put up the posters that Fritz had been drawing for this new film, and it was a success!

It turned out to be the start of a great partnership between Fritz and Anders Sandrew (!), the theater owner who later became Scandinavia’s most successful businessman within the entertainment industry.

During the 30s–50s, advertisement for movie theaters became our main business and everything was of course done by hand during that time. By the time we started to design and produce exhibits for trade fairs and during the late 20th century the exhibition industry was really booming. In recent years the fast growing event industry has been our core business, yet we design and produce a lot of exhibits, as well as different kind of pop-up solutions and showrooms. In the end, it´s all about communication and brand visibility. And the tools, they are still the same as in 1925 – quality, design, know-how and customer safety. 

Again, you learn as long as you live…